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15 Independent Activities for One Year Olds

Independence is a major milestone for toddlers as they learn more about their enviroment. Imperfect Homemaker put "Independent Activities for One Year Olds." Great ideas that teach hand-eye coordination, textures, colors and more!

15 (More) Independent Activities for One-Year-Olds

Someday, i may have more grandchildren! there are some cute activities. 15 (More) Independent Activities for One-Year-Olds - Imperfect Homemaker

Entertain your toddler's growing brain with these smart activities

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8 Organizational Tips to Get Your Kid's Closet in Shape!

Help to organize before/after school. I'd put the most recent school picture in the frame. More

This is AMAZING!! So many great ideas that are actually doable!!! 50+ Toddler Activities Organized by Age