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    my first thought

    It doesn't matter I was on the swim team and a life guard myself at one point . . . Help me please Mr.HOT SEXY LIFE GUARD ;) LMAO

    so the swim team came up with a new way to practice.... Perfect hahaha

    Yeah, pretty much.


    Goals in life: 1. Write best sel...never mind. BECOME OLYMPIC SWIMMER INTERVIEWER. 2. Write best seller.

    Barbie and Ken in real life! HAHAHA


    Yes. (;

    Hilarious Tea Towel

    My thoughts :]

    The internet should be more British - made me laugh as obviously this was made by someone that only knows British people from old films!


    suck it!

    I was NOT checking him out. I was admiring how the good Lord blessed him. @Hailey Phillips Phillips Phillips Brennan You have to show this to your mom! Father Riccomini :)

    that would be so annoying

    Yeah, I recognized this in the beginning. :)

    OMG aahhahahahahahahahhaaha!


    Ben's Garden 'I'm Afraid My Train of Thought' Glass Tray

    SHUT UP!!!! Hahahaa love this.