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The Flash -

Oh, gosh…

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #1.3 #3.1 #Olicity ♥ OK THIS SCENE WAS JUST I MEAN OHHH:)

Johnny Storm and Spider-Man

I love how the kid is all like "Hey cool you have a tail!"

Kraven the Hunter: "I must go on the hunt… for a DATE" (Kate Beaton, "A Distraction"—Hark, A Vagrant)


Superheroes as Manatees #superheros #manatees

Superheroes - Then and Now. They're literally getting darker. I look forward to the day this fashion snaps back and we get proper superheroes in colourful outfits again!

I have the original article saved on my computer and have read it many times during the past couple years. What an amazing soul! His love & faith will live on and continue to inspire.

Harley and deadpool would make a good couple. And I already know harley wouldn't care about the face thing because joker had his face ripped off.

The Amazing Spiderman's best lines. "Chocolate house" is my favorite haha :)

Oh god, what did I do last night...

The girl you like.

What's on your mind

Spiderman and Iron man... Or should I say Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Nerdy Fact #1184 Patrick Stewart = Professor Charles Xavier

Hugh Jackman singing Les Mis songs on the X-men set.

Deadpool's origin as told by Deadpool

Quiz-Which Supervillain Should You Hook Up With? I got the joker @Mazie Bleu

Marvel Comics

All those years wasted fighting...

Because Thor is just that awesome