Who said black girls can't rock purple hair?

Looking for Black Girls Hairstyles ideas? Cool purple hairstyles for black teenage girl? It is quite difficult for black

by Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl Justine Skye (left) Katy Perry (right) I’ve had a thing for colored hair for as long as I can remember. In middle school, all the skater chicks and alternative...

Double Standard? Why is It Considered “Hood” When Black Women Experiment with Color?

Justine Skye purple natural hair vs Katy Perry purple hair I like both!

black girl dyed hair - Google Search

fyeahnoserings: “ Girl With Nose Ring, Lip Piercing & Wavy Blue/Turquoise/Teal Hair hellsyesdyedhair: “ ashley franklin ” ” Ok, even though I’m a black girl myself, I never, ever thought a black girl.

curly blue hair; gorgeous. #black girls

curly blue hair; gorgeous. #black girls

cherrushthestuffilove: 3 different hair colours... - colorful cuties

Black girl with dusty purple pastel hair.

Omg im thinking of goin this color more and more! Beautiful! #wk

Absolut obsess w/ this color hair right now

Wavy Ombre`Purple Hair

Pre bonded U tip Silver - purple - black Ombre hair extensions - 50 cm


love the purple hair color

Purple hair

Purple hair on black women

long straight hot pink hair | long hair with pink highlights long hairstyles gallery

Pink Highlights In Brown Hair - Bing Images

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Purple Natural Hair is becoming a popular hair dye choice! Here are over 15 pictures of the flyest purple natural hair found across the web.

pink fishbone braid ☮k☮ #pInK

Oh, Gem - why do I have such an obsession with pink hair? Mary Misantropic wearing MANIC PANIC Cotton Candy Pink mixed with a tiny bit of Wildfire.

Kalel Cullen- I'm so torn because I love her hair too! very mermaid

This is Kalel Cullen, and her hair is not shopped, she actually dies it this blue green color! Kalel, I love your hair. PS I love your boyfriend XD

6 Ways to Add Volume to Thin Natural Hair

Image from Natural Chula's Facebook page. Purple-dipped ends cute!

Love the purple twist

Purple natural hair


Purple, natural and fierce