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Banana Nut Pancakes

Banana Nut Pancakes at The Happy Housewife

Meteorology notes with Lana del Rey in the background~ Good things: I’ve actually done a lot today and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now. Bad things: I’ve already ran out of tea. Brilliant.

One Simple Tip to Break the Procrastination Habit

This one simple tip helped me to stop procrastinating and actually start getting things done! |

celzylstudies: 12/6/15 I went to the library to do literature homework and it was the most time consuming thing I’ve ever done. Side-note: Does anyone else here study lord of the flies for O levels? If you do I’d actually love to hear your opinions on the book so do send me a message! studying tips, study tips #study #college

this is actually one of my favorite undertale fanarts i've done so far, for some reason. human au. sans is screaming internally because of mettaton's shirt.