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  • Tina Lynn Shake

    eBay is Sending Out Love Letters. Today is the first day of eBay's letters of love. Every month they are sending them out! Of course, not everyone will receive one but don't worry it can be a good thing if you DO NOT get one... I'll explain.

  • Kody Birdy

    Letter writing. Why does everything have to be so instant? What happened to anticipation? I love getting a letter in the mailbox.

  • Ashley Jozefowicz

    People still mostly communicated by handwritten letters during this time. In the 21st century if, IF we send someone a letter how often is it hand written? Its not, we type it.

  • Macon Harrison Brandon

    Rachel never wrote to him. There are things you can't do- like writing letters to a part of yourself. To your feet or hair. Or heart. Page 156 -HM

  • Lynn Lomax

    Getting snail mail letters. Seems to be a thing of the past!!! Too bad!

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This letter represents the letter that was being sent to England from King Claudius. Enclosed in the letter was Hamlet's order of execution. Obviously the letter did not make it to England with that writing, because Hamlet saved himself, but in doing so sacrificed his two friends lives. Hamlet finding letter was a turing point, because it saved his life.

the art of letter writing, the physical manifestation of thoughtfulness...

Write a letter to each member of my family

Go through old love letters

This is the letter that Scout recieved from Dill. He wrote her to tell her that he wouldn't make down this summer and about his newly wed parents.

letters......I miss writing and receiving letters so much. emails and texting are so dry and often confrontational, abrupt and empty. With letter writing you were a poet and a philosopher, a comedian. It was personal and caring. People saved letters and passed them on. They are in books and libraries. What have we become?!

I need to do does everyone else...remember how you feel when you get a handwritten letter in the mail...not a bill or junkmail...but a letter written to you from a friend or family member...seriously the best thing...

The idea of the stamps was enticing to me; much because you could say that when something happens in history there is a "Stamp" in time, a significant event

I had a dream in which I received dozens of pieces of mail one day. They were all from you. I began to count them, thinking there was one for every year we had known each other. The postal worker returned with a full sack and left it on my front porch. I thought maybe I had a letter or card for every day of the year. He returned with another full sack, and I took them both inside. He knocked on my door. There was another sack, then another. Soon I was surrounded by a ridiculous number of sacks.