The tooth fairy better get on it! ;-)

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15 adorable letters to the tooth fairy via Huffington Post #dentistry

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I died laughing: 27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually The Worst. I love kids but these pics made me laugh so hard I cried.

That's funny lol

True. True.

Poetry | 25 Funny Notes Written By Kids

"A man stands at his window, making parents nervous…" Personally, i think the bigger story is that someone reported a kitty with rectum problems.

10 Funny Notes Written By Kids.


That child was raised right.

Letters to God...This made me smile :)

Parenting win. | Funny Pictures

Kids vs. teacher. HAHA

Funny children's writings - HAHA! I'm definitely gonna have a sarcastic/hilarious little kid one day, who will for sure bring me home things like this to hang on the fridge.

30 Brutally Honest Notes from Children