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"Because" ...underwater photography by Elif Sanem Karakoc

Handsome Male Faces - AOL Image Search Results

Karolis Inokaitis by Vaidas Jokubauskas

Child from Ghana. Precious.

If you ever ask for the definition of my dream guy, I will show you a picture of Colton Haynes right away.

He's Clint Eastwood's son but i swear he looks like Thor and Captain America's love child

I have no idea who this woman really is, but I have a feeling she'll make it in a novel as some sassy senior detective. Or the sassy senior vampire detective...

Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with freckles (21 photos)

The name's Dwayne Palmer. I've been fighting this apocalypse for what seems like forever, and damn, it doesn't look like it's been getting much better. I have plenty of skills, but no allies. But, if I am in search of an ally, my standards are quite high. Before this apocalypse, you'd have never thought that I was a well-off scholar. {Traits: Male, 20, single, straight [Positives: Motivated, determined, skillful in a large range of survival tactics] [Negatives: Has developed a cold, hard…