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Dark Knight on

Characters: the Grey pack from the Absent Stars. They dont have names yet.

#ArcticWolves Visit our page here: http://what-do-animals-eat.com/arctic-wolves/

#ArcticWolves Visit our page here: http://what-do-animals-eat.com/arctic-wolves/


The most beautiful sound in the world! The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Keenesburg, Colorado Rescued wolf pack howling


White Wolf - saw a beautiful stray dog like this called Aspen at the shelter where i work. he's gorgeous :)


snow winter animals Black and White wolf nature wolves Woods white wolf pines

Add later. Gonna do a huge update on this board sometime soon, I have so much to add to it :)

Tawny is a short tempered she wolf who snaps at her pack mates constantly, and anyone who stands in her way will certainly be in trouble.

White wolf! Gorgeous!

Best dog collar here howling white wolf almost looks like one of the wolves the hunters of Artemis have.

Black Timber Wolf | Photography by @conradtanphotography  #WildlifePlanet

'Ello my name is Scourge and I am a warrior/ mentor I have no mate and I am a strong, cunning and fearless wolf.