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Over A Hundred Years

They've been enjoying it for over a hundred years.. The stir only opened 50 years ago. It makes sense cause people can still enjoy their products before the store opens.


Not suitable for everyone…

Oh my gosh, lol. How could that possibly be comfortable?!?

Funny Memes - [To Haely's First Drink...] Check more at


Oh, you silly Australians…

Australians answering funny questions.


This Explains It

Now I Know Why Our Generation Is So Sarcastic funny jokes tv shows>>> yeah not all of us... I have met the ones that dont get comedy~Madi IsDun(i love using my name in descriptions)

Some of the best Jim Gaffigan quotes.

start today, fun, funny weight loss quotes #funny #quotes They actually say Monday is a bad day to start your diet!!


Can’t Find The Difference

so true x,D


Go away grandma…

The Queen and William


I’d like to play a game…

oh parents!!!