Periodic Beer Glass from ThinkGeek, $9 #dailyfinds

What beer goes in what glass?

How to home brew your own #beer.

Pink Floyd anyone? this shirt is perf

When in doubt, a pint glass is always a good idea. Custom products, with purpose...

LOL Beer Me!

Beer idea | KEEP CALM and HAVE A BEER" printed in dark red on a Cold Glass of Beer ...

The TapIt Cap screws onto a growler and prevents beer from going flat after the bottle is opened

Periodic Table of scientific.

Drinking beer is a great way to finish off the day!

A stationery set makes so much more sense when it includes a pint glass labelled “Creativity Fluid”. Clearly the juices are flowing at W/S, where the motto “find happiness in your work” pours through every rich detail. I’m finding happiness in my work just writing about them! — Jessica Mullen

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Need Another Beer Glass from Urban Outfitters, $8 #dailyfinds


the wine of the people


beer ;)

you will always remember whose is whose with these glasses

How to be a Beer Snob with One Chart #Infographic