A sea of words.

Une vielle cabine téléphonique transformée en boite à livres. Une seule règle, apportez un livre, prenez un livre, lisez un livre !

House of Books

A world of reading


Kabul, 2008

What Do You Feel Like Reading

Walked right through this tunnel of books yesterday :) The Last Bookstore, Downtown, Los Angeles. Photo by Omar Bárcena

Rowena Cade who built an open air theatre, the Minack Theatre near Land's End, Cornwall, in the 1930s.


I would sit in my books igloo and read for hours

I love reading banned books. The books that make people mad are the books that make the best points.

Reading a good book.

I love old books

I love bookstores.


35 Things To Do With All Those Books

Autumn, books, coffee, flowers, all I need now, is my glasses, a blanket, and turn off the cell phone.

Reading books within books. Whoever did this is doing it in my house wow an art installation , painting using the shaded spines of books on bookshelves , amazing and inspiring for art but i dont think it would inspire you to read because you wouldnt want to take a book and disturb the picture