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Proud! But honestly this just puts into perspective how many of us there actually is! Like wow

A friend of mine posted this on facebook and I knew I needed to share. #freedom #lifeisshort #livetheride

Is that why their song lyrics are "hoping for better days"? I would love for them to continue making music even after they are married and have families. Because their music speaks to me, so I would love for BTS & their music to grow with me ♡

You can into my life and completely shook up my calm and you love me! How crazy is that!

Oh dear this hits me right in the heart. Aww precious Taehyung

Halstead: I'm always gonna owe u, man. U brought me into the unit. I just hope I did u proud. Antonio: I brought u on because u were dating my sister. I thought u were gonna be family. If I knew u were gonna break up with her, I'd have stuck u at the guard shack Halstead: Timing's everything. Antonio: Knowing the cop u've become Knowing that u're here That made it easy for me to take the investigator's job. Halstead: Well, I appreciate it, man. Antonio: Love u, bro. Halstead: Love u, too…

I sure miss my dog that has passed on. Just like a family member...he really gave me so much to remember.