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fallen angel 1 legend of the cryptids applibot inc by marat arsDigital Art Masters: Volume 6

Mage by Mikhail Palamarchuk on ArtStation.

Mage by Mikhail Palamarchuk on ArtStation.

+10 por estos bichos que no te dejarán dormir

His forearms were massive with hundreds of thorns ready to tear a mans flesh to ribbons. His fingers were elongated claws curved to the perfect size of a mans throat.


Artist: Vlad Marica aka Vlad MRK - Title: Asmodian swordsman reg (first sketch) - Card: Unknown >>>> or a demon in its natural form in a trap

Artist: Ignacio Bazán Lazcano aka neisbeis - Title: gandozum the thunder giant - Card: Unknown

Sometimes the unusual leave the charge but then sometimes their the condemned.