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As incríveis ilustrações surreais de Anton Semenov

Fig.5.8:...These methods,which are described in the chapter,help the individual to "control his own chess board" rather than being one of the pawns.

Karl Nicholason's Amazing Textbook Art-One important aim of existential psychotherapy is to help the person assume responsibility for his own actions, because only through accepting responsibility can the client create meaning in his own life.

From Society Today, 1971  From Chapter 5: The demographic basis of society

Karl Nicholason's Amazing Textbook Art-The demographic basis of society

Twisted Illustrations by Serapion Nasosov http://www.cruzine.com/2013/03/05/twisted-illustrations-nasosov/

Twisted Illustrations by Serapion Nasosov


From Zoe's Eyes, Fantasy Creatures "There is nothing romantic about the Sword-God. This is the insect-like deity of privileged slaughter at the hands of a warrior caste." Monster Manual Vol VII - Inhuman Deities