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Shirley Temple and Cairn Terrier. (I remember those shoes. )

Shirley Temple & a Cairn Terrier | 1930s. I just love Shirley Temple movies!!!

Such a big world out there just waiting for me....

Cairn Terrier Dogs Puppy. If he was all black he would look just like my first dog Smokey :-)

Looks just like my dog who is half Cairn Terrier and Maltese

This looks just like my dog, Jack! His proper name was CrackerJack because he was the same color as the popcorn treat!

I remember watching Shirley Temple movies, but they were on tv...I bet they were great on the big screen...

Cairn Terrier

  • Margaret Prentice

    I adopted this dog!

  • Margaret Prentice

    This is my Gigi on petfinder before I adopted her. She wasn't with me long but I loved her very much and miss her every day.

  • Janet Blouin

    Oh, no, Margaret. I'm so sorry. She looks like a perfectly adorable little girl! She was lucky to have had you to love her for a time.

cairn terrier -- one of the best pleasurable distractions a girl could have... A wonderful puppy or dog