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One word...Pong. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up in a history book. ;-) Gee, I am old!

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Pac-Man Micro Raschel Fleece Blanket

PacMan #80s #memories this so reminds me of when the house was full. All the kids still home. Mary loved this game. Oh the memories are sweet....

Bomber Jackets in the #80s. These totally awesome girls also have their jeans tight rolled and some bitchin' scrunchie socks. Who else had a bomber jacket in the late 80s?

The crocodiles were always so hard and scary! I remember where I was when I bought this. It was Christmas Eve, I was in Tahlequah Oklahoma where my grandfolks lived. The game had just came out a couple months prior (Sept. 1982). I seem to remember the game retailed for like 35 bucks, which was a lot to a 10 year old. One of the best video games of all time.

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Tiffany! My cousin had the tape and I would make her play it like 50 times while I was at her house!