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Basically how I feel about so many fictional men.....Edward Cullen and Peeta to name a few! :)

Fred, George, and Ron Weasley. The Doctor. Sam Winchester (even though I've only ever seen one episode of Supernatural) Captain America.

Hahaha so true

How America Sees Europe vs How Europe Sees America: Europe as seen by Americans vs America as seen by Europeans. Mother Russia is everything in Europe and Texas

"Boys. They're better in books"

How true *sighs in disappointment*

Seriously, here are a couple of books that i read: WaterFire Saga, and the Inheritance Cycle. They aren't very popular. Comment yours.

So sad, but so true! "When you read a book with no fandom: Well I guess it's just me and my feelings"

22 Times Tumblr Accurately Summed Up Your Obsession With Books. I think I already pinned this. Oh well.

22 Times Tumblr Accurately Summed Up Your Obsession With Books

21 times Disney characters knew exactly what bookworms were going through. These memes are funny!

The big bang theory - www.funny-pictures-blog.com

The big bang theory. My husband tells me stuff like this all the time. And that he married up and I just have to deal with it.

This reminds me that I need to talk to Jody about the fact that I am in the "Tim Riggins is awesome" story arc of FNL...

Who Really Writes the Stories?

Funny Friendship Ecard: I'm glad I can talk to you about fictional characters as if they were real, and have you still think I'm sane.