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Dahlberg talks about fishing the Diving Bug on a sinking fly line adjacent to deep structure: If I wanted to turn them in, I would have at least twelve to fifteen world records that I’ve caught using this technique. Doing this, I’ve caught muskies over thirty pounds, an eighteen pound tiger fish on the Zambezi River when the world record at that time was seven pounds on the fly. In Tierra Del Fuego, in five consecutive casts, I hooked browns over 20lbs.

Bob Clouser has caught so many species that the count is eye-popping. So has Lefty Kreh. Those guys have the opportunity to fish all over the world, but my experience has been limited to Oregon, and here at home, I have fished this fly effectively for Kings, a variety of bottom fish offshore, Silvers, Sea Run Cutthroat, Bull Trout, Staghorn Sculpin, and Dungeness Crab. That list isn’t long, I admit, but my friends have caught winter steelhead, Largemouth and Smallmouth bass here in Oregon.