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Don Mahoney and Gina Clair Show- I was a Kiddie Trooper

The viewfinder was one of my favorite things.

Bozo The Clown

david and goliath cartoon from 1960's On Sunday mornings, this was the only kids show on after the test pattern and before Popeye started.

Banned Toy Museum - TOP 10 Banned Toys -- Yup, had these, knocked myself a few good ones in the process of learning to use them. :D

have a collection of an antique Viewmaster in black (Bakelite?) and many old reels... loved those things as a kid (1950s)

Loved these label makers...

Woolworth's lunch counter. One of my favorite things in the world as a kid...

I heart Houston poster

I loved this song as a kid! Sang it a lot tho was a terrible singer!! I learned to play it on the piano, still have the sheet music! Tammy

top songs 1972

The Electric Company was a great kids show on PBS in the 1970s. It is amazing how many now-famous actors were on this show, including Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, and Irene Cara.

Pet rocks

We all knew a kid who knew a kid that claims to have accomplished this.

Places of interest in/around Houston... Note: The Houston Oilers and Astroworld no longer exist

JJ Evans (Jimmy Walker)

Vintage Dictionary Texas Print - Sam Houston quote

one of my fave expressions...

aww...I miss Astroworld - practically lived there as a kid during the summers


Best hamburgers & car hops remember Prince's hamburgers?