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Don Mahoney and Gina Clair Show- I was a Kiddie Trooper

Old fashioned seesaws

We used to watch this crap as kids.

This was at Grandma and Buster's. It belonged to our cousin Brent. Derek and I played with it whenever we were over.

Spirograph. I tried to find a good set for my niece, Livvy. None of the available new sets seemed as good as this old classic. The reviews on Amazon were not good.

I can't remember how old I was when I got this, but as cool as I thought it was I don't think I used it a lot which is a shame.

Art Linkletter House Party- Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kukla Fran and Ollie - the CBS Children's Film Festival. A Saturday morning staple.

The Gyro Wheel was lots of fun- although my kids probably wouldn't get why.

Gone but not forgotten.

70's Tupperware

Still a favorite for kids

this is how you shuffled songs back in the day,


The Mod Squad: I'm a kid of the '70's and this show was cooler than cool!!

The fun of talking on an old fashioned phone... kids from today will never know.

This is one way that I actually rode in a car as a kid.....I'm sure lots of kids did.

Now this is a real see saw! How many of us fell off these as a kid? But we survived!

Mr. Mouth - every time I see an old toy, I can hear the jingle from the commercials in my head. "Mr. Mouth... Mr. Mouth..." - my mom let us watch way too much TV.

one of my fave expressions...