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Lightning is a fractal, too.

Leah Day

natural fractal: begonia leaves


Unfurling frond


Helioceras heteromorph ammonite


Fractals found in nature

Fractal Burst. How nature builds the world!


Virus, mold and bacterial aggregate colonies spontaneously assume Fractal Shapes

Salvador Dali painted a rather horrid Fractal Face (similar to a circular version of the Cantor Set)

Queen Anne's Lace is another beautiful fractal in Nature

pentagonal fractal possibilities

from the Irish / Celtic Book of Kells: The mind has always had a fixation with recursive and fractal patterns, largely because our environment is filled with them. Only in the last 40 years have we been able to finally describe this exquisitely subtle math of interacting patterns mapped as dimensionality. Interestingly the representations of fractals and therefore INFINITY most frequently appear in human art of the Religious and Spiritual varieties

fractal plants

mold colony

bacteria colony

fractal bacteria colony

Fractal Furniture

Fractal Furniture

Inside of a thin cross-section of wood stalk there is a circular Fractal

Cut into a Cabbage and you'll find a Fractal