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As a recent college grad, finding the job I want has been extremely stressful. I'm learning to let go of the stress and anxiety to let God lead me to where he wants me to be...because God is never late, but he is always on time!

Never lose your sense of wonder. handmade - cut out and ink 6" x 10"

'The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra ? The gesture is an acknowledgement of the soul in one, by the soul in another. - Palkhivala Nama means bow or I bow and te mean

SHELBY LOOK AT THIS. This pin isn't for the picture ok so what we are going to do is use the vanilla gluten free recipe that I already have, top it with cookie dough icing. Then we will make a normal cupcake and use the same icing . Does that sound good

It's when others are unlovable that they need love the most. Die to your pride and give them better than they deserve (grace) in the midst of being wronged. It's a test, definitely. But God is faithful to see us through it. Just look to Him to do so.