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14. 2000 Ford F350 4x4 modified pick-up - Anne

2000 Ford modified pick-up - Anne

2000 Ford F350 4x4 Pick-Up Modified - Anne

View Mmfs 070022 03 Z+hulst Customs Ford Super Duty Pickup+grille - Photo 9101530 from 2007 Ford Super Duty - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine

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2000 Ford modified pick-up - Anne

With a claimed range of 1,200 miles and massive amounts of emissions-free power, could the Nikola One revolutionize trucking?

Nikola One, America's first hydrogen-powered semi, is straight outta the future

Nikola Motors, America's first electric/hydrogen-powered semi truck with 1200 mile range.

By John Pearley Huffman For many of us, the love of cars starts on the big screen. It's Vin Diesel in a Charger, Dwayne Johnson driving a mean truck and Michelle Rodriguez wearing a T-shirt two sizes too small. These aren't TV cars or cars featured in YouTube videos or cars prominently mentioned in haikus. Every car on this list was featured in a film that appeared on some big screen in some theater somewhere in America.

Top 50 Movie Cars of All Time

Steve Stanford designed this exaggerated Ford Mustang Shelby "Eleanor" and it's been copied and copied ever since the 2000 movie hit.


Mmfs 070022 16 Z+hulst Customs Ford Super Duty Pickup+on The Highway - Photo 9101725 - 2007 Ford Super Duty - Strike of the Cobra

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2015 GMC Sierra HD and Denali HD officially revealed - 2500 3500 duramax chevy 2016

Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15in x 25.75in

Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 25.75in x 15in

This mounting strap kit is made to be compatible with the RIP-M rigid MOLLE Panels. Use to mount to vehicle seat back, under back seat of Silverado, Tahoe