our life

Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons^

It takes a strong heart to love but it takes a stronger heart to continue to love after being hurt...

A bad day

so true....

Because it's God's plan & not mine


Every day of my life....

My life mantra...

Words have such power....use them wisely

back bone

Inspirational quotes

Worrying. Story of my life!

People who want to be in your life will find a way to stay.

Trust the timing of your life. Even when you think it's not right...too late, too soon...God has a plan! It will all work out just like it's supposed to. Just go with it!

So true!


So true!

My sons have 3 very awesome aunts - @Kim Heersche, @Charla Heersche, and @Lauren McMahan