• Robyn Murphy

    What a great idea... baby bath apron towel! I like a towel apron when I cook, as I'm constantly washing my hands, with this, I don't have to look for a hand towel!!!...TGU..5-5-13

  • Mark N Courtney Grauvogl

    Baby bath time apron towel. Sewing pattern for a great baby shower gift — a baby bath apron towel! Makes it much easier getting those slippery babies out of the bath… Such a great idea! @ Home Ideas and Designs

  • Rachel Hastie

    A unique gift idea... have to remember this for the next person I know who is having a baby.... Sewing pattern for a great baby shower gift! A Baby Bath Apron Towel! Makes getting those slippery babies out of the bath much easier! Sweet sewing genius!!

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