Too cute!

Make a candy bar letter for your boyfriend. It's not only cute but also delicious.

Candy Father's Day card. Thats the best one so far!

Great gift for boyfriend, dad or anyone who loves to fish! Hooked on you tackle box filled with candy and fishing supplies. Anniversary idea or valentines day gift.

The awesomest gift ever. My friend bills Gf made this for him today for his bday. It's beyond clever.

Candy Bar Card from Bits of Everything... So doing this for my hubby from the kids:)

An adorable gift idea that lets you say exactly why you love him. Author your own personalized book of love reasons. Each pages lists a different reason and is illustrated with your characters. Guaranteed laughter and tears.

Anniversary Candy Card I made for my husband :)

Great gift idea For more info, go to:

anniversary gift

Little anniversary gift

Candy card for boyfriends birthday :))

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

ways to show love - 85 ways to show your hubby you love him this Valentines Day

candy bar card

Perfect stocking stuffers!!!! Candy Bar love notes.

Homemade gift for the boyfriend! Our 2 year anniversary is in TWO months! What a creative gift that he'll actually appreciate!