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  • Alan OBrien

    love how i met your mother :) ... except I didn't watch barney as a kid

  • Jennifer Schmeling

    The Circle of Life!

  • Amanda Crowe

    So true... I love How I Met Your Mother.

  • Katherine Green

    how i met your mother funny pictures - Google Search

  • Boston Taylor

    How I Met Your Mother :) and if you look you'll see Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato:)) selena on the yellow bouncy ball thing and demi right in front of barney with the glasses

  • Sarah York

    how i met your mother is the best show ever. plus neil patrick harris is awesome.

  • Liz Costa

    love how i met your mother :) true story

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How I Met Your Mother. Best show ever. THIS IS THE BEST QUOTE ON THIS SHOW.

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