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Boxed color how to

I'm unfortunately guilty of not heeding the very wise 'golden rule' that says "don't color your hair at home with boxed color". I've had so many disasters but keep thinking "this time I know I'll get the color I want".

You Know You Work in a Salon When.... - Salons Direct

You Know You Work in a Salon When... Part 1

Part 1 - Salons Direct

NOTE TO CLIENTS from a salon perspective haha this is a clever response.

I truly will never remember where people part lol  #HairStylistProblems

#HairStylistProblems Part 1

11 Things Going Through A Hairstylists Mind

What Your Hairstylist Is Really Thinking When You're In The Chair

11 Things Going Through A Hairstylist's Mind. I go through this conversation all day every day!

Never. Ever.

This is as true as you'd never operate on yourself, if you needed an operation would you? Well then, leave your hair to me, your hair doctor before you kill the life of your hair my precious client!