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"carpe the fuck out of this diem." New bumper sticker please.

I try to teach my students this all the time....or at least it means, "I'll try to never do it again!"

Close one door before you open the next. You will wince less as you reflect.

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if you don't love someone, don't lead them on. If you do, don't hold anything back.

"brotip #920: if you wouldn't make her your wife, don't make her a mother." keep it in your pants, son.

If you truly loved someone/something, you wouldn't try to change it.

I am never wasteful, i just laugh at how immature you are. If your life is so awesome GO LIVE IT! Because i could give two shits what you believe, I know the truth!

for all the douchebags in the audience...because they hang out on pinterest all the time. Shhh

"brotip #100: being a bro has nothing to do with gender. if you're always rad and forever legit, you've got what it takes."