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Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Aleister Crowley, a later leader of the English occult and magic society, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, one of Orphenia and Philo's predecessors.

Propnomicon: From the Black Book

Bowie as Chief Adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Tumblr

Shinigami - Ayami Kojima - to see it huge go here :- http://novagasms.tumblr.com/post/28798677005/victoriousvocabulary-shinigami-noun-a-death

Alchemy Dragon by by George Ripley, 15th century.

Aleister Crowley. 1912. English Occultist, and member - albeit briefly - of the Golden Dawn.

Horned god

Hierarchy of Angels: The Nine Choirs of Heaven.


The Hermetic Touchstone

Keja, a gypsy ‘drabarni’, shaman, shape shifter, magick maker. Shunned by her people, she makes her home in the woods and the wilds, far from other folk, her only companions being the strange beasts and birds of the forests.

An authentic Black Mass preformed circa 1920s the very first according to Occult history ever caught on film.

"Magus of the Eternal Gods" ~ The Hermetic Tarot ~ the Hierophant

Bless by pixmilk

Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec God that is worshipped by people in other ancient cultures as well. To the Egyptians he is Thoth. In both these ancient beliefs and many others he is the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Also, Hermes and Metatron #everythingisgothic

occult magick fantasy art | ... SEAL Necronomicon page occult demon magick dark spirit vampire horror

her·met·ic hərˈmetik adjective of or relating to an ancient occult tradition encompassing alchemy, astrology, and theosophy. esoteric; cryptic. The Hermit from the Hermetic Tarot

Anatomy Occultus V2: A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic & Adam Kadmon form by Artist, Chuk Vinson

Lovely pic. Pagan beauty. (Photo from The Hermetic Library)

Kenneth Grant & the Typhonian Order