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Win The Hunger Games

Some of those funny e-cards getting about….

Funny Movies Ecard: The closest I'll get to winning the Hunger Games is when I spot the last donut in the office kitchen.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Funny Friendship Ecard: You're the friend I'd feel the worst about killing in a post-apocalyptic death match for food.

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Funny Birthday Ecard: Congratulations on not being remotely young enough to be picked for the Hunger Games

Dear Axe Body Spray, Please put a suggested serving size on your bottle. Sincerely, Choking girls everywhere.

A guy I work with sprays Axe Body Spray all over himself after every break to "cover up" the smell of cigarette smoke. He continues to smell like smoke and now also smells of nasty Axe Body Spray.

JOHNNY DEPP! :) Of course, this would apply to Tom Hiddleston and Richard Armitage as well (not to mention a few others I could think of).

To: Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan,Taylor Lautner and so on.

And none for Gretchen Weiners. (hahahahahaha!!!!)

And none for Gretchen Weiners. now im in the mood to go watch mean girls, love actually, the holiday, and basically any other movie with christmas undertones.

My arteries are so full of grease they are like a slip and slide.

How Are You Dealing With The Aporkalypse?

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Doctors are saying that each piece of bacon you eat takes 9 minutes off of your life. Based on that math, I should have died in

Justin Timberlake though <3

Funny Music Ecard: Justin Timberlake is making a comeback and Justin Beiber is finally at his breaking point. There can only be one Justin. True that

Hahahah!!!! I was just thinking this today! Stupid signs... Nobody cares if there's a baby on board or how many stick people are in your family!

I've always wondered why people announce they have a baby in the car. as if it makes a difference in the way people drive. This is hilarious!

Not sure why it's a happy birthday card, but funny nonetheless!

Free and Funny Birthday Ecard: Here's to our school nurse who convinces us we're not dying after medical websites convinced us that we are!