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Inspector Gadget - Halloween Costume ideas via @costumeworks

Inspector Gadget Costume

Homemade Inspector Gadget Halloween Costume: Each and every year my kids and I try to come up with some kind of unique costumes. My son, Colby, came up with this idea on his own and I loved it.

Not gonna lie my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Skyrim surround setup

Coolest Multi-Display Computer Setups This is a cool office idea. Me: office my ass. That's skyrim.

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Put the future at your fingertips with our virtual laser keyboard. NEW! Green laser projection keyboard is even brighter! Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surf.

時計電話 - Google 検索

It is a wearable cell phone that looks like a wristwatch. Rollerphone has a retractable transparent screen at the base. The gadget features a media center, allowing you to watch videos, chat online, play games, read e-books and listen to music!

digital pocket watch.  Cool Future tech.  I would so carry one!!

A old school watch that has been turned into a high tech watch with Bluetooth and smartphone capabilities. This is a great idea for juxtaposing old and new!