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I'm an angel too, I've just lost my little. Maybe just maybe I was him before I came here <3

I would really like a Maltese puppy or Bichon Frise Puppy when I get my own apartment.


English Bulldog puppy ❤ So many wrinkles! Like check out those rolls!

puppies so cute!!!!

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Funny pictures about Bulldog Puppy Sandwich. Oh, and cool pics about Bulldog Puppy Sandwich. Also, Bulldog Puppy Sandwich photos.

oh, OH, OH!!!!!!!!!! :D

Happy face – The little puppy wants someone to play with it. How can you not smile at his happy face?

OMG too cute, love the black and white one, because it's so unusual!

Womble viewing French bulldog puppies On July I went up to West London to see a litter of French Bulldogs. And selected an adorable little female called Lulu.


Baby french bull dog- It's Decided This is My Next Pet (dog breed) and hopefully if he/she is not too much of a trouble maker then a bunny too :) just gotta get a place big enough for my little family LOL.