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Extrait de Comment Hergé a créé... -5- L'oreille cassée

Extrait de Comment Hergé a créé... -5- L'oreille cassée

Learning to read from pictures | French Language Blog

Les Aventures de Tintin - Tintin - The Calculus Affair by Herge

Tin Tin in Abbey Road!! This is so cute Tin Tin is the best Belgian cartoon ever other than the Smurfs!!!!!!

Top 33 des détournements de la pochette d’Abbey Road des Beatles

Carte postale - Tintin - Tintin en Amérique

Tintin en Amérique, Spotted by the Indians. Tintin in America

Tintin : Tintin: The CG of the Unicorn by ~SamSaxton on deviantART- Clearly we have a genius on our hands. And it's always amazed me how much resemblance Jamie had to Tintin.

Using a special illustration done by Hergé to celebrate the anniversary of its publisher Casterman, I imagined an unreleased Tintin album, "The return o. Tintin : The Return of the Unicorn

Carte postale - Tintin - Tintin au Tibet* Free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's The International Papef Doll Society and The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel the huge China travel site by Arielle Gabriel *

This scene is from "Tintin in Tibet" . The floating monk is Blessed Lightning of the Monastery of Khor -- Biyong .

the adventure of tintin, tintin, and wanted image

Tintin: Wanted // a poster put up by the Thom(p)sons, no doubt.

Tintin Adventures book covers: I'm finally getting to read all of Tintin's adventures made by fantastic artist Hergé. I'll pin the covers of each after I read them and write a review about it. So let's start!!!

Tintin Adventures book covers in French. The Blue Lotus is still my favourite.

Tintin ~ Still had all my books from when I was a little girl. Gave them to my daughter. I love "Tintin et Milou"

fun fact: Tintin didn’t always have a quiff. During a car chase in his first adventure (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets), the wind blows his hair up, and it stays that way forever after!