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haha i love me some food!

I love that microwave, but i love the fridge! shh dont tell the microwave it might get jealous

School students studying dying

for my sweet "horned frog".who really does study hard all of the time!

So oh so true :) us girls can start ww3

omg so true! But, with girls again, so true. WORLD WAR lll is about to start!


Sometimes it's so bad, it hit play and repause it, to give the on-screen actor a second chance at dignity. Never ever ever pause Disney

Yeah, this is usually how it goes.

Story of my life.


my goal is to make you laugh ☯ homeasksubmit numbered posts about

probably because of my shitty handwritting...

yup i can relate.is relate spelled right?

I always do this. Just like on 01/13/15 I did it. She always has a weird face when I do it!

The funny thing is I want to explain but my mom does it for me. So Im like mom.

For some reason me and my mom always do this

Us every song in the car Jay

I did go in order for awhile, but that got too boring xD

Can be funny.Until your teacher throws a stack of papers at your friend who was just sitting quietly. I'm this kid

I kinda just repinned one with the caption "I honestly thought I was the only one who did this"

Glad im not the only one! lol haha first time I read this I thought it said seeing another teenage and thinking thank god I'm not the only one. Lol <<<< it’s true, and it feels good to know that you’re not the only one

The struggle of a woman's life.


Dead ass tho, just trying to put my hair in a pony tail walking around the house holding my hair and I'm just like well fml

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I hate it when I say I hate everyone and then someone is just like oh except me of course lol ha ha no. Especially you<<< so freakin true


Week: Snail going through molasses obstacle course. Weekend: Snail gets a ride in a jumbo jet back to the starting line.

Yep, done this too!

That awkward moment when I get home from school and look at yourself in the mirror thinking "did I really look like this all day?" So true!

It's better if it rains

Yup I do when it is raining with a sad song I act like I am in a movie!