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Jensen Ackles I'm totally against banana hammocks for my bachelorette party... but I'll take him in a banana hammock any day of the week XD

Gettin real sick of my pins ending up on boards with negative comments attached to them! It's a manip for f**ks sake, enjoy it for what it is don't hate for what it isn't. If you repin directly from my board, please do not be rude, as someone took the time to make this. It is their form of art and if you can do better, by all means, please have at it share your masterpiece. I pin for the lovers not the haters. Thanks. Cheers! M:)...dean winchester shirtless by Marisquerade on deviantART

Jensen Ackles. Hope this makes you feel better!:) @Gracie Macuk Douglas

Supernatural - Dean Winchester I made a really weird noise when I saw this picture. Thank you Jensen Ackles