Everything about this pic look delicious. The #chocolate sitting on the side; the biscotti with the #coffee. Coffee Lovers know this is heaven staring at him or her. Good morning #CoffeeLovers! ~Me


Today will be one of those days where even my coffee needs a coffee. #coffee #www.vainpursuits.com

Ana Rosa

Coffee time #verymojo #vintage #coffee #blue #homeware #cup #deco ► www.verymojo.com ◄

Love the hand-made look of this tea cup.

Unlike coffee, tea does not seem to generate negative perceptions. I know many more people who think that tea is beneficial, much more so than coffee. (That is, until my coffee column, I hope.)

Hot chocolate.

these things take time

tea time


Coffee Moments

Sunshine & First morning coffee

coffee time

The only way coffee gets any better is to throw chocolate into the mix! Here's a great Chocolate Coffee Recipe #yummy #chocolate #coffee #recipes

Top 10 Health-Conscious Spots to Get Your Caffeine Fix in Lower Manhattan by TheCultureTrip.com, click on the picture for a full list. Photo courtesy of RVG Design.

There is one thing I need in the mornings... Coffee!! As an entrepreneur & mom, I don't sleep much. I work late and am up early with the kids. Coffee time is time to myself to relax before a hectic day.

Coffee Time

☆ #coffee

Perhaps not yet... But I'm pretty sure I will be by the time I move back home from Europe.