Watch pit bulls and parolees and pit boss on Animal Planet! I have a new found love for Pitt bulls!

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I have two pit bulls. Sunny & Karma. They are the most misunderstood breed, they are the sweetest and most loyal pet if you raise them right.


There used to be a time in America when Pitt bulls were known as 'The Nanny Dog'. If you had children, you wanted a Pitt bull to play with them, and watch over them. If only people understood this breed!


Unlike people, I never met a Pit Bull I didn't like.

Hi....I'm a Pit Bull...

my recent pit bull has passed away and i have her dog tag with me everywhere i go & i believe every day i have is always better with her next to my heart i miss her so much id go back and take that bullet any day for her to live.

Pit Bulls and Parolees. I love everything they do here

Giving Pit Bulls a Second Chance [Infographic] image pit bulls

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Pit Bulls.

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The Prayer Of A Pit Bull.

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