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Die alten 3D Bilder die noch mit einem Stereo Viewer betrachtet wurden sind oft die besten!

Die alten 3D Bilder die noch mit einem Stereo Viewer betrachtet wurden sind oft die besten!

stereo_transit.jpg (485×485)

How a solar eclipse looks, million kilometres from Earth.

Monument to the 88 murdered children of Lidice, Czech Republic.

Monument to murdered children of Lidice. June Lidice, a village in Czechoslovakia, ceased to exist due to invasion by German Forces (Holocaust History)


The first piece I created for the Experience The Planets project: Sunrise (or set) on Neptune seen from the upper atmosphere. Visit Experience The Planets for more views of the solar system >&gt.


Mapping Voyager 1's Incredible 36-Year Mission Through Space [INFOGRAPHIC]

Voyager 1 spacecraft's biggest moments are shown in this chart covering the last 36 years. Voyager 1 is almost 12 billion miles away now! and moving at miles per hour!Voyager 1 will be the first ever object we've sent outside our solar system.

Love this! Im very entertained by this scrool scroll scroll scroll LOL

What does the moon look like at night? --> Lunar Eclipse by Sam Javanrouh - 61 photos of the December 2010 Lunar eclipse taken in 2 minutes intervals (selected from hundreds of shots from a timelapse series). Started at to EST in Toronto.


Earth and Moon From the eye of the camera in space we see the earth as a God Designed Space ship lighted by the Sun by Day and by the Reflected sun on the moons surface by night. It's awesome to think (Cool Places On Earth)


Everything really is connected. The Mandelbrot Set at microscopic & galactic scale is exactly the same. The Fabric of Reality in all it's glory. Brain cell, the universe, birth of a cell, death of a star, eye and nebula.

This digram shows off the relative sizes of the major bodies in the solar system and the order of the planets.

Solar System Scale: Third Stone from the Sun, We Are! The Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

The moon, Venus and Jupiter. Look closely! Venus is in a quarter phase and 4 of Jupiter's moons can be seen

On June Venus and Jupiter were close in western skies at dusk. Imaged that night with the same telescope and camera, the rising Moon from the opposite part of the sky is compared with the planetary conjunction for scale in the digitally composited image.