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from Howard Lyon Fine Art and Illustration

Monster Manual III

DRYADS live as long as their tree does, which can be a very long time. But when it dies, they perish too — so if you cut down a tree you may hear its spirit screaming.

Satyr - These companions of Dionysus are often portrayed as having horse or goat like attributes, and are always known for their love of wine, women, and song. They are magical creatures, (or perhaps minor deities,) associated with lust, and are know for whisking away mortal women whenever they have the chance.


Esculturas macabras em bonecas de Nita Collins

Nita Collins é uma artista que transforma bonecas em personagens sombrios de suas fábulas, com características que permeiam entre o surrealismo e a fantasia, ela cria esculturas com estética gótica. Influenciada pela cultura celta, mitos, livros infantis, mitologia e a arte folk

from Architectural Digest

18 Garden Trellises and Pergolas Perfect for Summer Relaxation

Beneath a vine-clad pergola in an English manor house’s garden by Anouska Hempel Design, vintage Indian lanterns dangle above an antique Pakistani table.