But he was too late. 200 years late

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*sweats* The first three lines fit me.But my hair & eyes are darker. :D<< haha only 1 of lines don't fit


Unhappy hours.

It is a utopian future where everyone’s needs are perfectly met and people are always happy. There is a new street drug people want to take which promises to make people depressed, in pain, and lonely for 2 hours a hit.

writing prompt

Mysterious ring.

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"You see, at night, we rule the museum. "We made an agreement with the staffs." "You, young man, seems to have breeched the regulations." "Care to join us?

"You mean like a lamp? I am a lamp." "Well...kinda, it's an aura that we look for, someone special." "For what?' "For the war."

Recruitment officers patrol the school districts looking for children who radiate an unusual brightness.

*or maybe something instead of zombies, cause they make me tense up. mutantbabies

WRITING PROMPT: In a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies, the government has created genetic mutant babies to fight the zombie war and they're all grown up, training for battle.

Death shows up to your twin's funeral and declares he has made a mistake. He was supposed to take you instead.

If it wasn't as thought the guilt had already killed me, the thought of his mistake and her getting in the way killed me. I let a cry rip through the air, as I held my ears holding my face. FRED AND GEORGE AND I

writing prompt. You may have to get creative with this one

Healing hands.

A man is visited by aliens who give him the ability to heal people with a touch. After helping hundreds or people, he is horrified to discover that his gift is actually a weapon.


writing prompt~ knowing me I'd be cosplaying as an anime character.so I'm feeling pretty good about this <<< what if I were cosplaying as Sherlock Holmes? What then, prompt?

At your service.

At your service.

Writing Prompt -- You have managed to fool a wealthy family into believing you're an android butler. After several years of service, they purchase an android nanny to tend the children. You suspect she is human as well.