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Explore Jade Chinese, Moon Stones, and more!

"Moonlight Jade" Chinese grey jade borned by shiny grey Indian moon stones connected and surrounded by grey diamonds, set in grey Japanese Shibuishi-silverbronze.

"Moonlight" Bracelets with moon stones in tarnished white gold links. "Caramel & Ice" Moonstone rings surrounded with natural colored diamonds, set in gold- and silverbronzes.

"Caramel & Cashmere" Indian moonstones framed with Japanese gold- und silverbronze, rear sides in white and rose gold. "Pure Caramel" Moonstone cabochon in Shibuishi-silverbronze.

"Diamond Cord" Plaited leather with diamond clasps made of Japanese Shakudo and Shibuishi gold- and silverbronze set with Indian natural brown diamonds. Available in different leather und diamond tone combinations.

"Grey November" Grey Indian moonstones in grey Shibuishi silverbronze. "Grey Hill" Grey moonstone circled with highly white diamond carrées, set in white gold and embedded in a ring made of patinated silverbronze.

"Cashmere on Fire" Moonstones and natural colored diamonds, wearable in a variety of ways. "Caramel Kandis" Moonstone ring with natural colored diamonds, set in Japanese goldbronze and white gold.

"Diamond Moonlight" Oval moonstone cabochons borne by diamond olive tops. Color individually coordinated and set in white gold and patinated goldbronze