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Transcendentalists could be seen as lawyers in the modern world today. Just as lawyers will defend their clients, Transcendentalists will defend nature.

yes I know. no intervention is necessary. it means I'm taking it easy, which everyone is telling me to do, including my pregnant body. those that know me well know i over do it every day and pinterest has kept me on the couch with my ipad instead over doing it. nothing else has been able to do that.

Lawyer dog is guilty of purrrr-jury. #JLML

That goes for Paralegals too. It's our job to build cases. It carries over into our personal relationships as well as trips to the grocery store, driving, telemarketers on the phone, car dealers, cooking, laundry, and picking outfits. Seriously, everything.

Private Attorney and Public Defender: Why you should hire the C. BRADFORD LAW FIRM for your representation -CBLF (424) 703-3416

God I would have died laughing if I was there. Wow, this makes lawyers sound so stupid... I hope I'm not like that whenever I become a lawyer...

Oh god, law jokes.....I thought I would keep them away on Pinterest, but apparently not!

I'd like to request a brief recess, Your Honor, as the witness's pants are on fire!

Twitter / Comedians4C: eCard #115 by @MrFornicator: ...