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Image from video for Ljosio by Olafur Arnalds. Song sampled in Lovesong, available on Digitaltheatre.com.

John Cage, Mushroom Book, Plate X

This costume from the English National Ballet's 'Firebird' is absolutely stunning.

It's World Poetry Day today so we're giving a shout out to the Bard, his Globe and his famous lines on theatre 'All the Worlds a Stage/And all the men and women merely players'.

From the Victoria and Albert Museum; we love their Costume Department. Definitely one to check out.

Günther Uecker - Terrororchester hommage à John Cage

Off to see Complicite's Master and the Margarita this week. Very excited, everyone's been saying excellent things.

John Cage, lithograph in “Mushroom Book, Plate VIII” (1972)

John Cage, The Missing Stone, 1989

Our production Much Ado About Nothing,starring Catherine Tate and David Tennant has been nominated for an Olivier Award. We're incredibly excited and honoured. You can watch the production online or download it from www.digitaltheatre.com

john cage & merce cunningham, 1953, from the black mountain college research project papers (via nc state archives)

These next few beauties are from Olafur Arnalds video for Ljosio. Stunning music and visual. Recommend all go check it out. It's sampled in our latest production Lovesong.

Today we're pinning the quite excellent Exeunt Magazine. Jam packed with interesting features with their artists in residence, reviews and podcasts on performance and the stage.

World Stages London Talk: Live and Digital - Digital Theatre

Digital Theatre is jumping off the desktop and on to Samsung Smart TV's.