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mischer traxler relumine - Old lamps are literally given new light as part of the Mischer'Traxler Relumine project. Made up of pairs of recycled desk lights, these revam.


The ever-so-creative Vienna design duo Mischer'Traxler created Relumine a series of two lights that share a single fluorescent bulb.

Beauty Blooms Blossoms Table Lamps Design by Patrick Jouin

25 Amazing 3D Printed Furniture Designs of the Future

Blossoming flower and printing can be a wonderful combination in artists' eyes. French designer Patrick Jouin created his striking Bloom Table Lamp using printing technology.

Lobot LED Desk Lamp by Jinseok Hwang

Desk Lamp Wood Oak and Concrete Pliable Desk Lamp Makers Light, Shelf & Power Box Top 10 Modern Desk Lamps Wood Oak

Christmas Tree by Gareth Pugh for Topshop (2002)

Gareth Pugh Christmas Tree This tree uses 60 neon bulbs and is 3 meters in height. It was designed for the flagship Topshop Oxford Circus store in London.

DIY Decorative Wire Vases - So going to make these but with purple instead of black!

Helicopter Ceiling Fan wall decal by WALLTAT.com

Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decals


The paper texture creates a homey, warm feeling. And so does the idea that this was a craft project. The white peeking out from the plant leaves connects our eyes to the white type at the bottom.