So true! C'mon people!

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That's correct. I actually paid for this nursing degree so I could bring you soda, crackers, and a sandwich tray.

Ha! Been there!


Other nurses will understand.

Yes, please tell us how we can improve our time management skills, said the Nurse, to the Administrator....who has no idea what we deal with daily.

When someone tries to talk to me after I've clocked out. Nope. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Meme. Jennifer Lawrence. Work life. Fabulous RN.

True. Very, very true.

hahaha oh nurse humor!

Only a nurse would LOL at this!!!!!


Some days

So true...

so true

My personal favorite, "It's not so bad. I'd say it's about an 8." SERIOUSLY?

The look I give when my patient asks for water non-stop and they're on a fluid restriction. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Nursing humor. Nurse problems. Registered Nurse. RN. Monkey meme. Ugh.

Love this #Nursing quote

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