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    Stitches in a cornea after transplant

    My eye after cornea transplant.


    A human eye 1 day after a cornea transplant

    Cornea transplant (4 yrs) w/lens implant

    Eye stitches after cornea transplant... Wait... WHAT ?!

    In a corneal transplant, the eye is held open with a speculum (A). A laser is used to make an initial cut in the existing cornea (B). The surgeon uses scissors to remove it (C), and a donor cornea is placed (D). It is stitched with very fine sutures (E). (Illustration by GGS Inc.) It is the most common type of human transplant surgery and has the highest success rate. Eye banks acquire and store eyes from donors to supply the need for transplant corneas.

    Transplante de córnea sendo realizado / Cornea transplant in progress

    Keratoprosthesis is a surgical procedure where a severely damaged or diseased cornea is replaced with an artificial cornea. While conventional cornea transplant uses donor tissue for transplant, an artificial cornea is used in the Keratoprosthesis procedure. The surgery is performed to restore vision in patients suffering from severely damaged cornea due to congenital birth defects, infections, injuries and burns.

    Sometimes science is an art. This is an image of a cornea transplant....I remember having my sparkles in my eye:-)

    Preparing a donor cornea for transplant. THIS is what I want to do!!! ....hee this is what I do.....kinda

    20.2 mm scleral lens on transplanted cornea.


    Surgical scissors cutting a diseased cornea from an elderly woman's eye. The cornea is being held by forceps. It will be replaced by keratoplasty, the graft or transplantation of a cornea from a donor.

    Replacing a Cornea

    Only the central portion of the cornea is involved in transplantation .The surgeon excises an appropriate circular disc of the patient's cornea and replaces it with a similarly sized disc of donor cornea, which is then sutured into place.

    Corneal Transplant: Clear Vision Infographic

    Cornea Transplant - Recovery - NHS Choices

    Farsightedness, or hyperopia, affects 14 million Americans over the age of 40. This disorder happens when the cornea or the lens is not curved enough.

    Cross-Section of the Human Cornea, LM X100