Armin Hofmann - Basel und die Stadtstrassen der Zukunft - Gewerbemuseum Basel (Original Plakattext) 1961

Armin Hofmann is recognized with a 2011 AIGA Medal for his immeasurable influence on generations of designers, teaching the power and elegance of simplicity and clarity through a timeless aesthetic, always informed by context.

Ornament Ohne by Hamburger, Jorg | Vintage Posters at International Poster Gallery

Ornament Ohne - Kunstgewerbemuseum Zurich by Hamburger, Jorg

I love how the two letters are the main portion of the design and the image is inside them almost as you are looking in a telescope.

GM - Ausstellungen Bibliothek Sammlungen by Hofmann, Armin

The "Swiss Poster" pictured is a sharp example of universal appeal in its logical and wholly unemotional approach to the display of information. The text is confined to four columns and there exists a subtle hierarchy with the copy going in a downward diagonal direction from left to right in order to guide the eye.

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Ode to Things

Three colors cities is the last work of Nick Barclay where he represent by his own minimalistic style eight cities of the world as London, New York, Paris.

Systems 14

Systems 14

wangzhihongcom: “Systems 14 > more image A group of twenty-four Asian graphic designers respond to the legacy of Braun Design. Hosted by Walter Knoll, this extraordinary exhibition of commissioned posters and examples of Braun Design is curated.