UNREAL! be.dazz.led. i need this!!!! please santa?

Ohhhh *bucks

Starbucks is a must.

Cute dress and the shoes are adorable!

Havent ever been one for sports cars, but if someone was like "Hey, Carli! Here's a free Lamborghini with pink interior." I'd be all "Hey thanks! I think I will drive this everywhere ALL THE TIME!"

This would be a beautiful father, baby image with him in his military uniform and the baby wrapped in the flag




Starbucks Ring by jilliciouscharms ($8.50 USD) | http://www.luulla.com/product/60974/starbucks-ring

Starbucks cake

Starbucks coffee dress. I know you already have a prom dress, but this one would have been perfect! :) @Fran Larkin Miller

Starbucks Inspired Personalized Plastic Tumbler by PrettiesByJenny, $12.00

cute coffee tumbler

ha! <3

not enough

Actually that is a decaf tall Carmel macchiato with 1 extra pump of vanilla...whip and extra Carmel drizzle .....starbucks

Café in Berlin