10 reasons to love a nurse

Thats true!!!

I <3 Nurses

one of the first things we learned in nursing school.

Its a nurse thing

Where was this thing when I was studying all things cardiac?

Love this #Nursing quote After I graduate from Nursing School I'm sure this will be one of the things I love about nursing!

Top 10 Nursing Shoes for Women

There's some things that only nurses truly understand. It's a nurse thing! - www.cnanursing.net/27-nursing-quotes-and-jokes/

a reminder for the days when there's too much on your shoulders that there's amazing things waiting at the finish line.

101 Things We Should Teach Every New Nurse

How to Survive Nursing School: 10 Tips for Success in #Nursing #School

We talk a lot about what you should do in nursing school, but what shouldn't you do. Here are a few things that we think a nursing student should never do.

This cracks me up... and I kind of want to go play it right now.

Keep calm you will finish Nursing School

I wish I had known half of these things before starting nursing school

Aww, the little things we can do for our patients :)

these pictures were great during nursing school... made it so easy to remember things

THE SARCASM SHOP • 10 Things you NEVER say to a NURSE. [nurse stuff ]

The 30 Stages Of Nursing School From Start To Finish... so glad that's done